Yes we are a Print Shop and a Paper Store and we ship FedEx and USPS

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I send in a print request?

A: You can either use the Contact Us form on our website or directly email to us. Make sure to include all the information needed for the job.

Q: Can you print photos?

A: Yes we can print photos in variety of sizes and on variety of different media.

Q: Do you print invitations?

A: Yes we print invitations in various sizes and we have many different papers to choose from.

Q: What is the smallest quantity of copies and prints you can do?

A: 1 copy or print is the smallest quantity we can do.

Q: Can I print my portfolio with you guys?

A: Yes we print portfolios in any standard or custom sizes. Stop by at the shop to check some of our previous work.

Q: Can I buy paper at your shop?

A: We have a huge selection of paper stocks to choose from.

Q: What kind of file format is preferred?

A: We prefer PDF files for printing. Make sure to outline special fonts before saving PDF. JPG and Tiff can also be used as long as they are in high resolutions.

Q: Do you provide design services?

A: Yes we do custom design for all type of jobs.

Q: I didn't get a call back if my order was ready?

A: We provide an estimated time for job completion. If you don't receive a call back after that time, please give us a call to check status.